If you are fed up with the appearance of your locks, look at the results below.  We can reattach broken locks using your own hair, when done correctly this repair is invisible and the results are amazing. This type of reattachment can be done regardless of the size of your lock.  So this works for traditional larger locks too.  

We can reattach as long as you have enough growth at root level. All our services are offered subject to a hair assessment this is essential so that we can determine your individual needs and give you an estimated cost for this repair. Please note this is not a general retightening service, this service is limited to clients who need remedial work on their sisterlocks, microlocks or traditional locks as a one-off service.   NOTE: If you have cut your locks off and wish to reattach the whole head this is not a service we provide.

Call to arrange an assessment today: Click Tel: +447802895059

This lady was very happy with these results, something so simple can make a big difference.  


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