Services offered by Cammalocks: 

  • Personalised consultation
  • Micro locks installation
  • Self maintenance classes
  • We cut and style locks
  • Grooming of locks
  • Meet up opportunities
  • Convert traditional palm rolled locks to locks formed using a tool
We use the tool.




During initial consultation clients are carefully guided through the process which includes advice on:

  • Hair health and impact on growth
  • Maintenance and how it affects the appearance of your locks
  • Wash and care of locks
  • Hair products and build up prevention 
  • Colouring 

This comprehensive consultation is given for all our services and includes assessing the clients hair type, in particular the health of the hair in order to determine suitability for the process requested.

My daughter's locks!!!

We periodically trim her locks, this photo was taken Oct 2012.

Micro locks just installed

Seven years later
Liberated after 77 years
She loves her locks and receives compliments wherever she goes.

Colored Micro locks
Three years later
Transitioned from relaxed hair

Six years later
To start microlocks there is absolutely no need to cut off your relaxed ends.  
However t
he relationship you have with
your consultant is very important and different from the one you may have had with your stylist when your hair was being chemically processed.  
Doing whatever you want with you hair with the expectation that it can be fixed once you get to your consultant will not produce strong uniformed locks.  Until your locks are completely settled and locking down your cooperation regarding day to day care is imperative to achieve the best results.

Week one (relaxed ends)
One year later
Brother with locks
Eight years later
   We cut his hair annually.

Microlocks braided

My daughter was the first child with Sisterlocks™ in the UK.

Microlocks close up

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She appears in the inaugural issue of the Sisterlocks™ Lifestyle Journal.



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