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"Thank you so much for looking after my locks. It has been a few years now since I had to leave a very reputable locktician because I was unhappy with their lack of professionalism. I must say that with you it is quite the reverse. Your care and attention to detail is second to none. As a trichologist I am pleased to be with someone who really knows how to treat hair. Black hair can be delicate, breaks easily and gets dry. Your special technique stops the above. As a naturopath I need to look the best I can, I get so many compliments about my hair. Marie, you are simply the best. Looking forward to my next session".

Merlee Harris

"I love my locks, I love the love that Marie has put into my hair.  It demonstrates that if you want something to look good, then love and care is a necessity which this type of locks demand. So THANK YOU MARIE for the LOVE".

One Love

Victor (Supavic)

Victor Romero-Evans,
Here's the deal: Service Second to None!
"I came to Marie of Cammalocks with all the usual challenges with my hair, it was chemically damaged, I had sported every type of style and had become very, very, tired of chemicals and extensions. Cammalocks took me on. We started with a couple of inches. I was very happy from the outset. With every re-tightening session I could see the progress. My hair blossomed and I was taught everything I needed to know about maintaining my microlocks. As a professional, I have to fit into the corporate environment and I also need someone I can rely on. I am sorted on both fronts! This has been a tremendous journey thanks to Marie, my microlocks look fantastic in any setting. I have enjoyed dedicated attention from Cammalocks in a pristine, beautiful, calm and therapeutic environment".

Thank you for making me look beautiful!

Adenike Adebomi
HR Manager

"My hair has been an uncomfortable subject for my entire life. I have tried numerous draconian measures on it and all have left me knowing it could be better but not knowing how.

My job as a Doctor requires that my hair has a semblance of tidiness and I love it looking beautiful. I despaired of this outcome ever being possible until I found Marie. I have had my locks in for two years and have never had so many compliments on my hair. The ease of maintenance is phenomenal. Marie makes it fun with her precise approach, professionalism. great warmth and sense of humour. She works carefully to ensure that you understand what you need to do to have a hair style to truly be proud of". Thanks Marie

Dr Stephanie Brown

"When I first came to this country from Jamaica I notice that my hair felt different. I was convinced that the water and the climate caused my hair to become brittle and break. Over the years I tried various treatments and oils but I never regained the thick hair that I had when I was younger. When Marie asked if she could lock my hair, I told her No!!! I'm so glad my younger son convinced me to do it. I love my hair, and I am so proud of what my daughter Marie is doing, I've met many clients of hers over the years and they all look so beautiful."

Love you
Mum                 (87 years young and locked, picture taken summer 2014)

"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" (quote by Dr.Seuss) 

"Stay true to yourself"

My daughter.


"Still locticious and loving it".

Thank you Marie.


Marie is an amazing, special lady.  She always provides a comfortable, relaxing and professional environment and has taught me so much about natural hair.  I came to Marie when my locks were in their infancy and she has taken my hair through to such beauty, length and maturity over the last six years.  Two years into my lock journey, I felt that I wanted thinner locks and was prepared to start them again.  However, Marie convinced me that my locks were the correct size for my hair type and that they would condense and look thinner over time... of course she was right!

I am so pleased I took Marie's advice and would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting locks.  She always goes the extra mile.

Gini Gill
IT Consultant

"Cammalocks converted my locks from palm rolled locks to locks formed with a tool.  Since switching to a tool locking method I have noticed a number of positive changes:

Locks now hang better
My locks don't feel heavy
I can swim without a problem
Washing no longer loosens my locks
No need to use products to bind my hair together
More flexibility with styling as roots are more secure
Along the length the size of my locks have not changed.
Previously I constantly twisted my locks to keep them neat, now I retighten my locks with a tool every six to eight weeks
I receive lots more compliments about my locks and their neat appearance"

I have fallen in love with me,
thanks to the dedication, love and patience Marie has given to my hair. I feel really proud to have such beautiful locks and walk like a queen because of them. Marie you are truly a wonderful gift to black women finding themselves. You are a microlocks TRAIL BLAZER whose hands and heart will continue to bless the lives of many women to come. Your service is warm, professional, compassionate and filled with laughter and joy. I look forward to coming to be pamperered. God bless you and yours always and as my grandad would say when someone had prepared a good meal "God bless di hands".

Marcia Atkinson
Counsellor & Psychotherapist

I feel good about my hair...  I feel good about my hair...
Kinky, nappy whatever makes me feel happy,
I feel good about my hair.
Spent many years on the Creamy crack,
felt good as a matter of fact.  
My hair bounced up and down
like a girl with ponytails on a merry go-round.
Well! mine's just fine now the way it is,
it's kinky, nappy whatever makes me feel happy.  
I can flick and bounce, have it curly if I want and more to the point it's all mine...  
Cos I feel good about my hair...

Joanne Orenuga

This is 11 years of care, grooming and at one stage I lost a few locks after coloring because of my failure to listen to the Queen of natural hair care.  Yes folks (Marie herself).

I thank that blessed woman for making me feel beautiful.  A woman's hair is her beauty and I am forever full of gratitude to Marie for the love and care she has shown to make my hair the way it is today!!!  

Power to Cammalocks and all who promote natural hair care.

Yvette McCloud

West African symbol of patience and tolerance

"I immediately warmed to Marie after our very first telephone conversation. On meeting her I found her caring and professional. I have extremely fine hair which has always broken easily, but with Marie's gentle approach, attention to detail, expertise and advice I have finally been able to enjoy my hair. I'm absolutely thrilled to have found her"

Ingrid Williams

West African symbol of life transformation

"Going to Cammalocks took me through a transformation process: During my initial locking session, I learned a lot about the origins of locks, the care of natural hair, as well as, received guidance from a range of inspirational resources on my own physical, mental and spiritual health needs as a woman of African heritage. Marie offers a first class service, a totally different experience from when I attended salons in the past. As a professional woman whose time is precious, I really appreciate getting seen on time, my hair is always given her full attention and It's lovely to meet with other clients who are like-minded individuals, conscious of their heritage".

Jenniffer Lewis
Managing Director of Whole Life Management Consultancy




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