Services offered by Cammalocks:

  • Personalised consultation
  • Microlocks/Sisterlocks UK installation (“R” Certified Sisterlocks™ trained)
  • Self maintenance classes
  • We cut and style locks
  • Grooming of locks and lock repair
  • Meet up opportunities
  • Convert traditional palm rolled locks to locks formed using a tool 


Cammalocks services - Sisterlocks - Sisterlocks London

During the initial consultation, clients are carefully guided through the process which includes advice on:

  • Hair health and impact on growth
  • Maintenance and how it affects the appearance of your locks
  • Wash and care of locks
  • Hair products and build up prevention
  • Colouring

This comprehensive consultation is given for all our services and includes assessing the clients hair type, in particular the health of the hair in order to determine suitability for the process requested.

Newly installed client below:

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A client’s journey:

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