Paula Pelage

Thank you Marie for creating this peaceful energy of your creation onto my scalp. I started growing my Sister-locks from scratch I had my hair cut down to three inches. The beautiful creation started in 2016, it is now 2022. (6 years) My hair has grown tremendously. I feel very blessed with all of this energy on my head it’s all natural and it’s all mine. I get up in the morning, put make-up on my face and take off my night cap and I am almost ready to go. No more tongs to damage my hair cuticles. I just Zhoosh it up with my fingers for a few minutes and off I go. It is very easy to manage.

I have been given compliments almost daily from most diversities on the street and even at work. I have thanked those people with great pride. 

I thank you Marie, I look forward to my hair appointments, and I leave my appointment feeling beautiful. Marie, I have full trust in you. Every six weeks you retighten my hair with love and with that you make my hair grow happily which gives my hair it’s positive energy to good health to grow and grow.